Innovation in the Pursuit of Simplicity


IPFusion is software which enables you to control and monitor the complex physical security environments within your facility. An optimized dashboard provides unparalleled situational awareness and command and control of all systems and devices. IPFusion always puts our customers first by supporting all systems and devices in an agnostic open non-proprietary approach. This flexibility is made possible through our simple, configurable, and modular design.

Utilizing the IPFusion workflow engine we ensure your standard operating procedures are followed. All actions are audited and reported on to ensure you have the tools to maintain compliance and regulations. IPFusion is open software supported by integrators around the world. We provide freedom from proprietary systems. You are in control to choose the systems, system integrators, and outcomes you want.

We operate multiple independent and geographically diverse perimeter boundaries which require 24/7/365 monitoring with remote assessment capabilities. To achieve this, we utilize a number of diverse security vendors and products.

IPFusion has proven to be a high-performance and reliable security integration product. IPFusion has provided excellent service and support over the last 7 years including two system upgrades and multiple projects for new end devices.

- Mike Adderley, Bruce Power

Key Values

  • The IPFusion Workflow Engine uses flow-chart style logic to simplify complex integrations between systems and devices.

  • IPFusion is vendor neutral and allows customers to choose systems and devices that meet their needs. IPFusion supports multiple systems in each category along with many legacy systems.

  • The IPFusion team works closely with system manufacturers to provide many features from their systems within IPFusion.

  • IPFusion is highly robust and scalable. Many facilities have been running IPFusion for several years.

  • No integrator lock-in – IPFusion has a wide array of channel partners capable or installing, maintaining, and administering your system.


Dashboard Demos

See how IPFusion works.

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