Unite All Your Systems into One Control Interface

Extraordinary Command and Control for Your Facility

What is IPFusion®?

How many systems does your business or facility juggle? Security cameras, door controls, key cards – just a few of the moving parts that you rely on every day. Unfortunately, odds are your systems were all made by different manufacturers at different times. Some are probably old and unsupported, others are complex and confusing. It’s a nightmare to manage and it’s costing your business time, money, and lost productivity.

That’s why we created IPFusion®, a revolutionary solution to unifying the systems and devices in your business. With a combination of hardware and software, IPFusion® ties all your systems into a single control interface. This interface is customizable and offers features like detailed reporting and advanced control.

No matter what industry you’re in, IPFusion® makes your life easier by giving you command and control over every system in your business.

  • Transform how you control the devices and systems in your business/facility
  • Integrate all your systems into one interface – even if they’re old and unsupported
  • Gain valuable insights with in-depth reporting
  • Identify efficiency bottlenecks
  • Improve employee satisfaction and reduce fatigue
  • Enhance customer care and service
  • Increase security and safety



Your healthcare facility has a range of varied systems, and they all demand attention. IPFusion® can bring these systems together into dashboards that are clean, simple, and relevant. By doing this, IPFusion® reduces employee fatigue and enhances patient care.


From power stations to cellphone towers, it’s more important than ever for utility companies to stay on top of their systems and infrastructure. Bring site monitoring and incident response to the next level by tying all your systems management into one IPFusion® dashboard.

Building Management

Managing a facility is hard enough. Trying to keep tabs on multiple complex systems wastes resources and causes frustration. Let IPFusion® simplify your building management by uniting your systems into one interface.


If your production stops, so does the money. IPFusion® is capable of gathering your manufacturing and facility management systems into one easy dashboard, that anyone can understand. More uptime = more money.

Oil and Gas

Ensuring that the facility is up and running equals increases in product and profit. IPFusion® ties your systems together, from perimeter fences to pipeline monitoring. Even better, IPFusion® does it with easy management and comprehensive workflows. The powerful reporting tools allow rapid identification of trends and efficiencies.


The safety and security of inmates and staff is the key concern. When corrections officers have too many systems to divide their attention between, security can be at risk. IPFusion® takes the systems in your facility and combines them into a single point of access and control. Allowing staff to focus on security, not systems.

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Customer Stories

Transforming a Patient Call System

This hospital was staring down a big bill for a new patient call system to replace their old and inefficient one. After being told by other companies that their current system had to be ripped out, they contacted IPFusion®. We were able to use our combination of hardware and software to transform their existing setup and bring it into the 21st century. IPFusion® equipped this hospital to save money, increase staff efficiency, and streamline patient care.

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Bringing Together an Energy Company

An energy company came to IPFusion® with a big problem. They had 24 different systems to manage and it was creating enormous efficiency bottlenecks. IPFusion® was able to tie every system together into a single command and control interface. This enabled the facility to eliminate shelves of cumbersome process binders and increase efficiency, facility uptime, and employee satisfaction.

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Making Security the Focus

A facility required a high level of security, with fast incident response and resolution. However, their security team struggled to manage a multitude of disparate systems. IPFusion® was implemented in their facility to monitor these systems. Now, the systems can interoperate simultaneously and maximize the team’s emergency response. The flexibility of IPFusion® increased safety in the facility and made day-to-day operations more efficient for the security team.

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Making Your Business Easy

At IPFusion, our job is to make your job easy. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll see how IPFusion can make your business run smoother than you thought possible.