System Integration & Security Platform

Complete Operational Control & Situational Awareness

Unites. Integrates. Transforms.

IPFusion is a software platform that ties together different systems that were never meant to work together achieving operational efficiency that would otherwise be impossible.

IPFusion delivers 24/7 situational awareness and provides full control across your facility: location services (RTLS), access control, physical security information management (PSIM), building automation and crowd control.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Save Time & Money

Reduce Human Error

IPFusion is modular and highly configurable and can be tailored to address unique customer needs. It is simple to use, easy to learn and vendor agnostic.

IPFusion reduces human error through its action-based drag-and-drop workflow structure. It ensures physical safety and increases operational efficiency, saving you time and money.

IPFusion – Workflow automation, operational awareness, and complete control.

IPFusion automates operational workflows to provide safety, security, and control.

IPFusion connects various operational systems, devices, and technologies and displays this data in one consolidated interface. This interface enables staff to manage and control events from various operational systems at one central location: reducing complexity, confusion, response time and the likelihood of human error.

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IPFusion leverages new and existing operational infrastructure, eliminates inefficiencies and is system and brand neutral, i.e. integration is not limited to certain brands or models. It collects apparent unlike information, processes this information through sophisticated workflows and influences change through automated responses.

IPFusion is flexible, modular, and easy to configure. The workflows are based on logical condition statements which automates processes, provide full control and elicit the required actions and outcomes.

Centralize. Unify. Consolidate. Communicate.

IPFusion takes data from seemingly unrelated operational systems and processes and consolidates it into logical workflows to trigger certain actions and events. These streamlined processes and expedited, real-time communication drive organizational efficiencies and cost savings. 

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No need to replace your current infrastructure, IPFusion enables ‘like’ functionality and provides the streamlined outcomes through automated workflows.

Complexity and human error increase as organizations adopt new technology and staff members operate multiple systems while also navigating slow connections and operational complexities.
IPFusion logically connects any one activity from a given asset to an activity of a different asset. It logically combines all these systems – aged and new – into a streamlined, unified data feed which is displayed on a single dashboard.

Contact us today to discuss optimization of your current and new operating systems and processes.

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See how IPFusion works.

Control & command across operational systems

IPFusion provides intelligent insight into and awareness of buildings, facilities, and mass event venues. It gathers scattered information and provides one, consolidated view of a complicated scenario. Gartner defines IPFusion as “an IOT transport Hub” – It transports, orchestrates and streamlines seemingly unrelated data points, across unrelated systems and processes to reach a required outcome.

We automate operational workflows across the following systems:

Video SurveillanceMessagingNurse call DuressServers
Access controlFire systems RTLS (Real Time Location Services) Telemetry Power distribution
HVACLightingPatient Telemetry Elevators
Alarm Water and sanitation Perimeter and intrusion detection Medical Emergency Utility and HVAC control
Key cards Door control Intercom and paging Network switches

Real-life applications

IPFusion addresses a wide variety of operational needs and desires. IPFusion can be embraced in any aged or modern building where operational systems are in place or where people move around.

IPFusion can increase patient satisfaction and response times through integration into the nurse call system. It can enable real-time communication with various devices to expedite decision making and reduce response time. It enables two-way communication and enhances patient care through automated two-way communication and automated call prioritization.

IPFusion can provide awareness and control across commercial buildings and can integrate with access control, security systems, power distribution, crowd control systems and more. It can track employees and keep lone workers secure or ensure efficient electricity and water usage.

IPFusion can manage, track and secure crowds. It’s application in big venues like stadiums, arenas and concert venues are vast. For example, IPFusion can identify and indicate the fastest and safest exit route for attendees during a critical incident, and the shortest and safest entrance route in for first responders. All in real time!


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IPFusion powers operational efficiencies across various industries. Click here to read more.

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