7 tips for budgeting for 2022


7 tips for budgeting for 2022

  • Simplified, effective budgeting can be achieved when the right tools power your channel program.
  • Key budgeting metrics include all things ROI and pipeline, as well as partner engagement metrics, top-line growth, and behaviors that align with overall goals.
  • Categorizing channel budget spend varies significantly from company to company depending on size and goals, but channel leaders can define those categories with detailed specificity.
  • As live events re-enter budgeting in earnest in 2022 (assuming the pandemic subsides as forecasted), companies that have developed strong digital marketing and publicity chops will continue maintaining those activities.
  • Building room for unforeseen opportunities into channel budgets can help you compete dynamically throughout the year.
  • Channel experts use quarterly reviews as checks on budgeting and to fine-tune spending allocation through the remainder of the year.

The fourth quarter is often a mixed bag. On one hand, you have holidays, family, and all the other things that make life – and your hard work all year – worthwhile. On the other hand, you have a mad scramble to hit numbers for the current year and the most tedious of year-end tasks: budgeting for the next.

Fortunately, channel budgeting doesn’t have to be painful. It can be as easy as a “6 step process… Who, What, Where, When, Why & How.” By defining the stakeholders in your budget, doubling down on what’s working, and taking pointers from leading channel experts, you can develop a channel budget that:


Marie Steyl

Director, Strategy and Marketing


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