Our Vision

To innovate in the pursuit of simplicity.

Our Mission

Empower organizations to connect technology, uniting systems to provide efficient insight and control.

About Us

IPFusion was developed in 2012 to address the need for a simple, reliable, and scalable security platform which would provide a single interface to command and control a corrections facility Traditionally these systems were proprietary in nature, expensive to implement and complex to support.

IPFusion was built from the ground up to address the short comings of legacy platforms. It was architected to simplify integration to all systems and coordinating them through a complete workflow engine. The team continues to innovate and expand the platform globally.

IPFusion embraced change through the channel systems and provided tools for integrators to transform the corrections market in 2018. As we continue to grow IPFusion has expanded to provide solutions to healthcare, transportation, energy, and the IoT industry.

IPFusion provides awareness of environments, actions to command-and-control situations, and compliance through audits and reports. We do this in a graphical, easy to deploy, calculable, and simple software package supported by our ever-growing international channel fabric.

Innovation in pursuit of simplicity.

Executive Team

Dave LeDrew

Vice President

Brian Addley

Director of Software

Edward Reed, P. Eng.

Director of Integrated Security

Haroon Mazhar, PMP

Director of Services

Business Development

Brad Nimegeers

Cameron Fry

Philip Hamlin

Taylor Frie

Vincent Tu