Our Vision

To innovate in the pursuit of simplicity.

Our Mission

Empower organizations to connect technology, uniting systems to provide efficient insight and control.

About Us

IPFusion software was developed in 2012 to address the need for an integrated, repeatable, and scalable security platform, specifically in corrections. Integrators traditionally used various framework platforms with programmable interface controllers for tasks such as door control. IPFusion as a single platform addressed this challenge by integrating into various unlike systems and conveniently displaying it on one consolidated dashboard.

IPFusion soon gained popularity in other industries such as healthcare. It was commercialized in 2018 and is currently sold through carefully chosen channel partners. IPFusion is a comprehensive safety, control, and awareness solution that can be used across various industries including healthcare, education, corrections, manufacturing, and agriculture.


IPFusion is a collaboration of bright, fun-loving individuals, each contributing towards the energy of this unique innovation hub. 

executive team

Dave LeDrew

Vice President
Dave leads the IPFusion team and manages all aspects of our business. Dave has vast experience across various tech companies like HP and IBM and strives towards unrivalled customer outcomes.

Brian Addley

Director, Software

Brian runs the software development and engineering team for IPFusion. Brian tirelessly pursues product excellence and works closely with technology partners to understand integration requirements.

Edward Reed, P. Eng.

Director, Integrated Security
Ward leads all IPFusion initiatives in integrated security. With over a decade of experience, Ward provides leadership and direction for IPFusion in corrections, energy, and healthcare.

Business Development

Brad Nimegeers

Business Development Manager

Brydan Reynolds

Technical Sales Specialist

Taylor Frie

Business Development Coordinator

Automation Integrator

As an automation integrator, IPFusion® engineers face the challenge of dated systems. How can the Internet of Things (IoT) be fully optimized when you have legacy systems, limited budgets, and multiple applications to keep track of? IPFusion®, as an IoT Hub, acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages or communicates with.

What is IPFusion?

IPFusion® is one simple solution to streamline your systems.

Contact IPFusion to increase security & improve access control at your facility.