Integration Case Studies

Our portfolio of case studies highlights just a few of our success stories, including solutions we’ve provided for healthcare facilities, government agencies, educational institutions, and more. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, enhance security, or automate critical processes, our team has the expertise you need to succeed.

Hospital Integration

Nurse Call Systems
IPFusion partnered with a leading Canadian hospital to breathe new life into their current nurse call system. Saving them money, decreasing patient response time, reducing noise levels and enabling communication to various smart devices...

Security Integration

Correctional Systems Integration
A massive and modern remand center in the Prairies needed to increase efficiencies and maintain complete control across their facility. They wanted a broad view with the ability to zoom into detail and control events across their facility from one central point...

Experience the seamless integration of modern technology in your remand centre with IPFusion’s cutting-edge solution.

By leveraging IPFusion’s modularity, an energy provider in North America was able to seamlessly upgrade its perimeter intrusion system, resulting in a superior security system that enhances efficiency while curbing costs.

IPFusion’s comprehensive solution consolidated and streamlined the management of disparate systems at a northern US airport.

IPFusion’s flexible and scalable solution enabled the efficient deployment of a minimalistic security infrastructure at a youth center in the southern United States.

Discover how to create a secure and safe environment in a psychiatric facility with our comprehensive solution that addresses all key aspects of security and safety.

Revive your outdated nursecall system with IPFusion’s innovative technology that breathes new life into your healthcare facility.

Contact IPFusion to increase security & improve access control at your facility.