Building Interoperability in Airport Operations

7.2 Billion Global Passengers by 2035

IATA, or the International Air Transport Association, forecasts that the number of people traveling by plane will double from 3.8 billion in 2016 to 7.2 billion by 20351. This fast growth is creating mounting pressure for airport operators, who need to ensure their infrastructure can handle the higher number of people, baggage, cargo, and planes in a safe and effective way.

Even though there are many ways that technology can help us deal with this problem, we are starting to see significant “digital clutter” as we add more technology. In many cases, airports are forced to expand their security operations centers to make room for the ever growing number of devices, screens, and systems.


Interoperability on a Single Dashboard

IPFusion is a game-changer for security operations centers because it provides awareness and control for many systems, devices, alarms, and events in a single dashboard. The platform facilitates communication across previously incompatible systems, empowering operators to provide a safer and more efficient airport. This paves the way for the generation of new, meaningful insights and outcomes that would otherwise be unlikely, or impossible, to create.  

IPFusion is a completely vendor-neutral and open integration platform powered by a sophisticated automated workflow engine that removes the complexity of making digital systems communicate. It is easy to configure, simple to use, and stable.

Interoperability is an absolute need within airport ecosystems. IPFusion creates interoperability quickly and is cost effective. The solution is highly configurable and can be tailored to the specific needs of each facility to optimize the value of all systems and technologies.

Awareness | Action | Compliance | Simplicity

Single Dashboard

IPFusion workflows deliver critical information to operators in real-time, enabling faster response times to operational and emergency situations. From access control, video surveillance, and fuel systems, to jetways and lightning detection everything comes together into an easy-to-use interface. Manual tasks are shifted into automated workflows, increasing awareness while providing full control. 


IPFusion leverages its core modularity for success when providing interoperability in security operation centers. IPFusion was designed to connect numerous systems through a modular and extendable framework to achieve integration and system flexibility. IPFusion is partnered with manufacturers to maintain our integration library and prolong your investments.

The software employs a drag-drop-configure philosophy with no need for scripting or development.


The solution has been scaled up to campus-sized solutions providing real-time monitoring and control of over ten thousand devices and over 20 million events per day.


IPFusion makes interoperability easy and simple for airport environments.