energy security & integration

We operate multiple independent and geographically diverse perimeter boundaries which require 24/7/365 monitoring with remote assessment capabilities. To achieve this, we utilize a number of diverse security vendors and products.

IPFusion has proven to be a high-performance and reliable security integration product. IPFusion has provided excellent service and support over the last 7 years including two system upgrades and multiple projects for new end devices.

- Mike Adderley, Bruce Power

The energy industry, specifically oil and gas, is known for their wide array of old and new operational systems. It is a tightly managed environment that cannot afford system downtime and yet, in desperate need of technology upgrades. Many big players are looking for a way to integrate and “smarten up” existing systems whilst striving for ultimate efficiency and control.

Energy companies are typically bound by Standard Operating Procedures and constantly looking at ways to streamline and improve these processes.

IPFusion specializes in creating integrated systems that seamlessly pull together existing technologies into a single, control platform. The automated workflows reduce the chance of human error increases safety and efficiencies. IPFusion can address challenges like data collection, physical security, alarm and event notification and general workflow management.

IPFusion can further protect critical infrastructure facilities like power and water plants through comprehensive and consolidated physical security, 24/7 awareness, and real-time response and escalation. It is system agnostic and connects seemingly unlike systems to drive safety, security, control, and ultimate operational efficiency.

IPFusion contributes to the public safety and trust by enabling energy utilities to remain secure and available.

infrastructure automation

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infrastructure integration

IPfusion’s workflows provide critical health information to staff in real-time, enabling faster response times to emergency situations and patient needs.

Workflows integrate doors, elevators, lighting, temperature and oxygen supply to create the environment for specific responses.  For example, an incoming alarm can trigger the workflow for the efficient passage of a critically ill patient from ambulance, to ER, through OR and eventually into the ICU.

IPFusion can be installed across the hospital or facility in order to provide complete control, awareness and security and can also be installed modularly by floor or unit.

Contact IPFusion to increase security & improve access control at your facility.