manufacturing systems integration

IPFusion enables integration with older equipment and/or different models which allows smart capabilities maximizing physical security in the manufacturing process such as hazmat security, auto shut down and equipment monitoring. 

Equipment parameters are monitored on a single dashboard through sensors. Immediate notification reduces down-time and costly equipment damage is avoided.

IPFusion eliminates complexities and standardizes operating procedure workflows, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

Coming soon in 2022

manufacturing systems integration

factory automation

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manufacturing software systems

IPfusion’s workflows provide critical health information to staff in real-time, enabling faster response times to emergency situations and patient needs.

Workflows integrate doors, elevators, lighting, temperature and oxygen supply to create the environment for specific responses.  For example, an incoming alarm can trigger the workflow for the efficient passage of a critically ill patient from ambulance, to ER, through OR and eventually into the ICU.

IPFusion can be installed across the hospital or facility in order to provide complete control, awareness and security and can also be installed modularly by floor or unit.

Contact IPFusion to increase security & improve access control at your facility.