Safety & Security in Corrections

IPFusion is physical security control and integration software that connects systems and devices to provide complete awareness and control of your facility. For Security Operation Centers, IPFusion’s highly configurable dashboards consolidate your systems of any make, model, and vintage; a truly vendor-neutral approach. The full solution is non-proprietary and can be installed, updated, and maintained by any integrator globally.  


IPFusion provides unparalleled situational awareness through a single dashboard that presents all alarms, device status, and system health. Information is presented directly to the operator through the interface in a way that is tailored to the needs of the facility.


IPFusion provides complete facility control to ensure an efficient and effective response to any situation that may arise. Whether dealing with day to day operations or responding to critical incidents, IPFusion provides industry leading management of all systems and devices.


IPFusion improves compliance by displaying Operating Procedures on the dashboard automatically when an incident occurs. Tasks in the Operating Procedures can be automated to reduce human error. A full audit trail is recorded so all events and actions are available to review for compliance.


IPFusion provides tailored dashboards to display and organize all relevant information in a way that is simple, intuitive, and effective. IPFusion is optimized for ease of use and is designed to conform with user experience best practices.

Case Study: Security Integration

IPFusion Seamlessly Integrates Security & Access Control

A massive and modern remand center in the Prairies needed to increase efficiencies and maintain complete control across their facility. They wanted a broad view with the ability to zoom into detail and control events across their facility from one central point. The facility houses almost 2000 inmates and has a complicated operational system with 61 workstations, four servers, and 114 maps. It also has more than 2100 doors, 1500 cameras, 3100 intercoms, 70 paging zones, 650 utility controls, 1750+ lighting points and 400 custom alarm points.

The IPFusion team utilized existing infrastructure to create like functionality and integrated unrelated systems to provide 24/7 command, awareness, and control, all through a single pane of glass. We consolidated duress alarming, access control, video surveillance, intercoms, perimeter security, fire alarms, medical alarms, lighting, air-handling, telephone control, and real-time synchronized cell notes.

Sixty touchscreen workstations were configured and deployed to utilize IPFusion’s sub-second monitoring and control to create an efficient and secure environment.

  • Reduced complexity – fewer systems and assets to control and monitor
  • Reduced training time – one system
  • Full awareness and control
  • Real-time incidence response
  • Modular approach – system update without interruptions

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