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The folks at IPFusion had a scarily good time on Friday 29th of October as they came decked in their finest costume to enjoy pizza, cupcakes and candy.

Prizes for best costume went to Brian ‘Gym Rat’ Addley and Jake ‘Cheerios’ Spilchuk.

A well trained wee dragon aka 'Toothless'
'Do you even lift bro?' aka Our resident gym rat
Red light Green light
'Do you smell what the Rock is cooking' said the Black Cat
Extra cheese, hold the onions
Brad from Target wants to know if he might be of assistance
Wholesome goodness, low fat and high fiber to keep you regular!
'I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!'
Aaaargh matey! Oi mate!
A balanced diet
She works hard for the money ♪
A pirate, a sales associate and a doll walk into a bar...
Best costume prizes