How IPFusion® Helped This Energy Company Bring Their Systems Together

A large energy company was stuck with legacy systems, and couldn’t practically move to modern technology due to the high cost and the impact on their business.


The IPFusion® team was contacted by an energy company who was dealing with an issue that’s common in facility management. They wanted to slowly transition from their legacy systems, and move forward to modern ones. But they also wanted to avoid increasing system administration, security monitoring, training, or reporting overhead.

Challenge & Solution


The biggest challenge for the IPFusion® team was the integration of complex functionality required for the ideal solution. Our team had to consider how to best leverage, and integrate, many different features on both the legacy and the new systems to provide a seamless user experience.


First, IPFusion® met with the company and toured the facility. After creating a list of all the systems and devices that needed to be brought together, the team went back to the office and started brainstorming. They put together a solution that tied everything together and enabled the systems to talk to each other, providing a consolidated solution for security officers and administrators.


With so many complex use cases, the IPFusion® team organized a concise plan and executed it as quickly as possible. The team configured the IPFusion® dashboard to display exactly the information that staff needed to manage the facility and respond to incidents. Next, our team consolidated reporting data between different systems to provide one-click reporting. And, we created an administration workflow to easily sync databases with each other.


Employees were able to respond to incidents with speed and efficiency. Administrators were able to manage system elements and audit system data from a single interface. Most importantly, IPFusion® enabled them to move away from old systems by replacing them one-at-a-time without affecting user experience or administrative workflow.

By unifying the systems, IPFusion® was able to:

  • Provide complex functionality across several systems
  • Consolidate reporting and administrative data
  • Create new efficiencies across several facilities
  • Provide a flexible upgrade path from old legacy systems


Complex Facilities

IPFusion® can connect even the most complex systems together. If your facility is a challenge to monitor, the IPFusion® team can help simplify it and improve your incident response.

Flexibility of Systems & Upgrade Path

Old systems can be replaced as cost and resourcing allows, without impacting users.

Reducing Overhead

Provide a single user interface for monitoring, control, reporting, and administration across multiple systems.

Centralized Management

By using IPFusion® to centralize their facility management, this company was able to reduce staffing costs while increasing their output.

Enhance Your Facility

Get more done with less, by using IPFusion® to streamline the command and control of your facility. Contact us today to see how easy it can be.