IPFusion® Brings New Life to Dated Patient Call System

This hospital had an outdated call system that was frustrating for staff and patients. See how IPFusion® was able to breathe new life into their existing system and save them a bundle of money in the process.


A hospital engaged the IPFusion® team with a unique problem. Their patient call system, over 30 years old, was in desperate need of an upgrade. The system relied on audio alerts and lights that were installed above each patient room. When patients would call for a nurse, an audio alert would sound through the entire ward and the corresponding room light would turn on. Nurses often had to stop what they were doing and look through halls to see which patient needed assistance. This was causing severe efficiency bottlenecks for the nurses and reduced care for patients.

Challenge & Solution


The primary challenge was the age of the system. At over 30 years old, it was based on technology that was outdated and difficult to interface with. But, the IPFusion® team was determined to find a solution that allowed the hospital to retain its current infrastructure and save money.


After visiting the hospital and studying the existing setup, the IPFusion® team sat down to figure out the best solution for staff, patients, and the hospital’s budget. The team came up with a solution that would eliminate the ward-wide audio alerts and remove the need for nurses to look for room lights.


The IPFusion® software was used to completely upgrade the functionality of the patient call system. Our team installed alert monitors in the nursing station, so staff could quickly see and respond to calls. All this was done with no impact to the day-to-day operation of the hospital.


IPFusion® was able to reconfigure the patient call system and transform the audio alerts and door lights. Now, when a patient called for a nurse, the audio alert would only chime in the specific area of the patient room. The light still displays above the patient room, and IPFusion® also sends a notification to an alert monitor in the nursing station. This monitor displays the patient room, time of call, and type of call for all patient calls in that area.

By breathing new life into the old patient call system, IPFusion® was able to:

  • Dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of nursing staff
  • Enhance patient call response time and patient care
  • Reduce disruptions to other patients due to audio alerts
  • Save the hospital from having to tear out the existing system and purchase an expensive new one


Cost Savings

Systems do not need to be removed and replaced with new systems, which can be expensive. Old infrastructures and systems can be renovated and enhanced with IPFusion®.

Creative Solutions

Even though this hospital was told by other companies that their call system couldn’t be fixed, IPFusion® was able to come up with a creative solution that met the hospital’s requirements.

Facility Awareness

IPFusion® brings a new level of awareness to staff, enabling them to effectively respond to incidents and enhance patient or customer care.

Assess Your Facility

What outdated or inefficient systems are reducing productivity in your facility? IPFusion® can help identify processes and systems that can be streamlined.

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