IPFusion® consolidates thousands of security devices for full situational awareness, command, and control.

IPFusion® seamlessly integrates many disparate systems and devices into a single customized user interface to deliver maximum workflow efficiency and facility control.

Challenge & Solution


In large facilities there are many different security assets that must be monitored and controlled by a handful of security officers. This extensive workload, along with the significant learning curve of all of the different systems, creates a problem. Additionally, the security officers have the challenge and responsibility of ensuring the security of the facility and the safety of its occupants.


Working with design consultants, user groups, and facility management; IPFusion® developed and designed an intuitive and efficient solution that would provide the right data, to the right people, at the right time.


IPFusion® was configured through the drag and drop Designer application to provide a customized interface. This single interface consolidated duress alarming, access control, video surveillance, intercommunication, perimeter security, fire alarms, medical alarms, lighting, air-handling, telephone control, and real-time synchronized cell notes. Sixty touchscreen workstations were configured and deployed to utilize IPFusion’s® sub-second monitoring and control to create an efficient and secure environment.


Employees were able to respond to incidents with speed and efficiency. Administrators were able to manage system elements and audit system data from a single interface. Most importantly, IPFusion® enabled them to move away from old systems by replacing them one-at-a-time without affecting user experience or administrative workflow.


Monitoring Power

The more you can monitor, especially where security is concerned, the more power you have. IPFusion® will expand your ability to monitor and protect your facility.

Infinite Flexibility

IPFusion® is infinitely flexible and expandable, so it can be customized to fit your exact facility and systems.

Streamlining Response

No matter what situations you respond to in your facility, having all your security monitoring in one dashboard enables your team to response to incidents with unprecedented efficiency.

Protect Your Facility

Leverage the power of IPFusion and create iron-clad security in your facility. Contact us today and see how IPFusion can enhance your security.